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Dumbo Gets Mad- "Bam Bam"

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The Italian psych pop project known as Dumbo Gets Mad has dropped one more single from its forthcoming full-length, which is set to drop in January via Bad Panda Records. I'm digging the quirky and slightly lo-fi feel of this track. The light beat, falsetto vocals, and bouncy keyboards remind me a bit of Ariel Pink, but some of the effects serve as a reminder that Dumbo Gets Mad thrives in a world that's a bit more acid-washed.

Check a review of this project's debut full-length right here.

Dumbo Gets Mad- "Marmelade Kids"

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A new video for what's got to be my second-favorite track from the new Dumbo Gets Mad album, "Marmelade Kids." Seems like another one of those stock footage deals, but any reason to post about Dumbo Gets Mad is a good reason.

Check out a review of DGM's Elephants at the Door here, and download the album here.


Dumbo Gets Mad- Elephants at the Door


Dumbo Gets Mad's debut album is a pretty hefty piece of psychedelic rock and pop. Rarely does anything about this LP come off as "normal." We're basically talking about an album full of odd synths, chipmunked vocals, bubble samples, and lyrics about prawns. So it's hard to promote this simply as a "rock album," because experimentation and effects play such a heavy role in shaping the music here. Think of it as FlyLo's Cosmogramma from a psych rock perspective.

Despite all the indulgence, the sounds here are great. This thing has a huge, warm sound that could have only come from an analog recording. The music an come off a little too hectic or cacophonous at times, but it wouldn't be much an adventure if the jungle wasn't dense with plants.


Download Dumbo Gets Mad's New LP

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Ever since this day, I've been waiting for this day. Now it's finally here and there are tears of joy rolling down my face, and they're staining my shirt.

The new album from Italy's Dumbo Gets Mad is finally out via Bad Panda. Currently, it's only in digital format, but expect a vinyl version of the album to be released later this month. You can pre-order here. In the meantime, you can grab Elephants At The Door for a tweet. Yes, you pay for the album via a tweet / Facebook update on this page. Let the fuzzy psychedelic pop flow through your ears and turn your brain to candy.

MP3: Dumbo Gets Mad- Plumy Tale -

Dumbo Gets Mad- "Harmony" ‡ STREAM

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As many of you may remember, Dumbo Gets Mad laid down one of my favorite tracks of 2010 with "Plumy Tale." Since that song made it's way around the internet, there's been a lot of chatter among my Needle Drops about when this self-recorded Italian psych pop project would release its first album.

Thanks to Bad Panda Records, that time will be very soon. Dumbo Gets Mad will be making its full-length debut via a very limited vinyl release with the album Elephants At the Door. We're premiering a track from the album right here, right now. Enjoy and expect the album to drop on 2/22.

Stream: Dumbo Gets Mad- Harmony -