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Lone Doe - Marion

New MusicNicholas Kindrachuk1 Comment

The new release from Lone Doe is just as enchanting as their name implies.

Vocals harmonies, beautifully strummed guitars and an understanding of song diversity all make this new project from Lone Doe worth a listen. Each of three tracks offered here feels so completely different it really makes me want to hear a full album from them, because not only are they different, they are damn good too. Each song feels like it has been constructed to its full potential nothing could be added or taken away to make them better in that respect.

Julianna Barwick - "Pacing"

New MusicNicholas KindrachukComment

Julianna Barwick definitely knows how to create an atmosphere with her music that is absolutely heavenly.

As with all of the music she produces "Pacing" makes me feel as though I am going to start floating at any moment. Whisking me away to a place where I am floating through the clouds or rather resting upon them like they are individual fluffy pillows. This is analogy may have gone a bit too far, but this track brings it out with its warm acoustics and piano. Not to mention the soft sung background vocals for the added texture. All-in-all this is yet another enchanting song from Barwick.

There is a limited edition 7" available on Suicide Squeeze so go jump on that!