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Lazer/Wulf - "Beast Reality (Center Piece)"

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Stream here via Noisey Georgia experimental metal trio Lazer/Wulf is gearing up to release its debut album The Beast of Left and Right through Kylesa's Retro Futurist Records. The group has offered us this glimpse of project, "Beast Reality," which exemplifies the group's self-professedly hard-to-define nature. Although, I do feel either of the descriptions the band offers - funk with thrash roots or jazz with sludge issues - fits the bill nicely.

But if you find either of those descriptions lacking, comedian and extreme music connoisseur Brian Posehn offered these choice words also for your consideration: "Thanks for ripping off my face and force-feeding it to me while I cried out of what's left of my eyeholes. You are terrific." "Beast Reality" certainly finds the band at its most, uhm, terrific.

The Beast of Left and Right is due out July 15 via Retro Futurist. In the meantime, you can stream their self-released, Silent Hill-alluding 2012 EP here.

Africa Hitech- 93 Million Miles

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It took a while for Africa Hitech's debut LP to grow on me. When the album originally came out in May, I took some favorites from it, but dismissed the rest as being too hectic to be really enjoyable. However, I found myself just itching to listen to this thing again at the beginning of this month. To my surprise, I ended up loving the album from front to back. I still think some of the sounds could have been mixed a little better, but I love the rigid and primal mix of African and electronic sounds that flow throughout this LP. This isn't your average fusion of these two worlds, believe me.



Agalloch- "Into the Painted Grey" ‡ STREAM

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There's been a lotta talk in my videos about the forthcoming Agalloch album, Marrow of the Spirit. Of course, this thing leaked onto the internet long before it's official release dated for 11/23 via Profound Lore.

Seems everyone's been digging on it, and so have I. Here's one of my favorite tracks thus far. "Into the Painted Grey" has some really anthemic lead guitars and clear production. That signature black metal ambiance comes from the performance, and not the recording quality. I love the rumble the drums give off, and the vocal delivery is fierce as well. I'm getting a chill.

Stream: Agalloch- Into the Painted Grey -