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Poor Moon- "Holiday"

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It's easy to dismiss Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott's band Poor Moon as simply a Fleet Foxes side-project, but this group should not be reduced to spinoff status. Although Poor Moon's ambitions are tempered more than Fleet Foxes, this band has some interesting ideas of their own. Their new single "Holiday," which will appear on the group's forthcoming self-titled LP, is a breezy, bossa nova influenced piece with a gentle melody that is not unlike the Vampire Weekend song of the same name. The vintage production and shiny electric instrumentation are refreshing displays of originality, but those lush harmonies are undeniably Fleet Foxes. I'm that Wargo and Wescott recognize what makes their work in Fleet Foxes so enthralling; "Holiday" indicates that they know better than to stray too far from a formula that works.

Poor Moon is out August 28th on Sub Pop.

Father John Misty- "This is Sally Hatchet"

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As many of you may know, Josh Tillman, a.k.a. the former drummer of Fleet Foxes, released his debut album, Fear Fun, a couple of weeks ago via Sub Pop Records. The album features this track, "This is Sally Hatchet," which now has a video that you can watch above.

The clip depicts Tillman as an employee of am eerie pizza place, where he is intruded upon by a firearm-wielding femme fatale. The woman proceeds to display her chops at a target practice, and somewhere along the way, Tillman's hand suffers a serious wound by way of a pizza slicer that was used to cut a pie into a pentagram. Bonus: despite the twisted nature of the video, there is some dancing evolved, so it's not all dark. Confused? Just watch it yourself.

Poor Moon- "People In Her Mind"

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Among Sub Pop Records' most recent signees is Poor Moon, a project consisting of Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott of Fleet Foxes and Crystal Skulls, as well as Ian and Peter Murray of the Christmas Cards. "People In Her Mind" comes from the band's recently released EP Illusion, a five-track release that precedes a full-length debut that is set to drop in August. The group's nods to '60s guitar pop is sure to draw a lot of comparisons to The Zombies, but that's not to say necessarily that it won't appeal to fans of the members' respective projects.

Give "People In Her Mind" a listen above, and look for the full EP on Sub Pop.

Father John Misty- “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”

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[audio:] Josh Tillman, formerly of Fleet Foxes, has released a single from his new project, Father John Misty. There are definite elements of his work with Fleet Foxes here, but it veers in a different direction. The song is instrumentally simple, employing some repetitive drum beats and lightly strummed guitars. The real appeal is the vocals and lyrics. Josh has a soft yet oddly haunting nature to his voice, which is in part due to the lyrics. Fever dream is the most apt way to describe them as they are intriguing, but do not make complete sense like only seeing the second half of a movie.

Father John Misty's latest album, Fear Fun, will be out via Sub Pop on May 1st. Scope the cover art below:

Robin Pecknold- “Olivia, in a Separate Bed”

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Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes has released this song demo where he pines for the love of a woman named Olivia. The song being a demo is pretty stripped down, and features Pecknold's strong vocals over some lightly strummed acoustic guitar. The vocals in combo with the lyrics display a great contradiction of beauty and sadness. In some ways the song resembles a courtly love poem of a man being smitten with someone he has little contact with. It is an uncharacteristically sad tune for Pecknold and he has said it is likely going to change. This track offers the range of his songwriting and some of the different directions that Fleet Foxes or Pecknold himself could take, which is something I wouldn't mind seeing.