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Sweet Valley - So Serene

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So Serene is the off-the-wall new tape from Wavves' Nathan Williams and his brother Kynan. See that cover art of Batman and Robin melting? That pretty much sums it up. A 27-minute-long piece that goes through a multitude of wonky, chip-tune-inspired phases. Thankfully, the brothers have really stepped up their production game since Sweet Valley's last outing.

So Serene is a crazy journey, and one worth taking for the sampling alone. I mean, the guys sample Larry David and Space Ghost Coast to Coast...TAKE MY MONEY NOW! Oh right, it's a free download. Grab it here via the duo's Bandcamp.

Del the Funky Homosapien - Iller Than Most

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West Coast hip hop vet Del The Funky Homosapien--uh, a.k.a. Zartan Drednaught COBRA--recently dropped a new album on SoundCloud that's about thirty minutes in length, and features some pretty progressive instrumentals. The overall presentation of the beats and rhymes here is a little more abstract than what Del's been appearing on lately with his solo stuff, Deltron 3030, and Hieroglyphics. While I know his latest material in those acts has pleased plenty, Iller Than Most is scratching a weirdo itch I've been waiting for Del to address. Enjoy!

Download Milo's Cavalcade

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Abstract and ultra-personal rapsmith Milo has dropped a new, free collection of tracks that he's dubbed Cavalcade. The production is handled entirely by Riley Lake, which is a name you might recognize from Milo's recent Things That Happen At Day EP, which was dropped at the start of this year.

While I wouldn't say Milo is traveling into the avant-garde of the hip hop world with this release, Cavalcade does feature some of his oddest instrumentals and verses yet. Enjoy!

Nice Hooves - Self-Titled

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The incredibly loud and noisy debut album of Detroit rock band Nice Hooves. The quintet brings together elements of hardcore punk, noise rock, and modern metal for a series of tracks that are both hard hitting and melodic. Enjoy!

Milo - "Eccelesiastes"

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Rapsmith Milo drops his first track from his forthcoming project, Cavalcade, which will be coming out on July 9th. While it's not one of the dude's strongest hooks, I think the growing intensity of the instrumental and Milo's verses is actually pretty great!

Catch a review for Milo's new EPs and an interview with him below:

Locrian - Return To Annihilation

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For almost a decade, the Chicago band Locrian has been combining various forms of experimental music into a slightly lo-fi and texturally dense discography that challenges most who come into contact with any piece of it.

The band added another release to that gauntlet this week with Return To Annihilation. It's their first for Relapse Records, and a turn toward the accessible when compared to the very drone-y album that preceded this one.

All tracks from the new LP are streamable via the widget above. Enjoy!