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Full of Hell & Merzbow - "Blue Litmus"

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Powerviolence outfit Full of Hell has been making a name for themselves over the past few years with some pretty brutal full-length recordings, but their interests reach outside of the dismal worlds of sludge metal, grindcore, and hardcore punk. In a series of EPs I believe they've been dropping since 2011, the band actually indulges in some experiments in noise music--not to imply that their LPs aren't noisy hellstorms, though.

With a healthy interest in the abrasive, the band has invited none other than Merzbow to participate in their latest collection of songs, adding some head-splitting feedback shots and distortion walls to the band's already aggressive collection of blast beats and punishing guitars.

Give a listen to the track "Blue Litmus" above, which sounds like Full of Hell as usual, but with a bit more noise peppered in between the riffs.

Full Of Hell - Rudiments of Mutilation

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What Full of Hell's new album doesn't have it length, it makes up for in compromise--or the lack of it, really. The band's abrasive combination of hardcore punk, sludge metal, and powerviolence is up to bat again on their second full-length, Rudiments of Mutilation, which is out now via A398 Recordings. Stream it via the widget above, and enjoy!