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HVRF Presents... A Hard Halloween

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In the spirit of Halloween, the Hard Vapour Resistance Front has organized this compilation of the spookiest rave music you'll hear all year. Comprised of almost 50 tracks and exceeding two and a half hours, this thing's certainly not for the faint of heart and is appropriate background music for only the intensest of Halloween parties.

Premiere: H.V.R.F. Sampler #1

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Ostensibly based out of Ukrainian ghost town Pripyat, the H.V.R.F. (Hard Vapour Resistance Front) has already amassed a catalog of 24 releases in just under a month of its formation. It's this high level of productivity that will inevitably lead to the East conquering us shiftless Westerners, so TND is taking the opportunity to get on the good side of the hardvapour regime of our near-future by premiering this sampler containing music from all the H.V.R.F.'s releases to date.

Now, if you don't know what hardvapour is, it's basically vaporwave for people who aren't pussies. But in all seriousness, this is a varied batch of tracks, meshing elements of dark ambient, gabber, and industrial techno music. If you dig those sounds, give this thing a shot.

wosX - End of World Rave

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A new project from vaporwave producer and documentarian Wolfenstein OS X, under the condensed moniker wosX. End of World Rave goes harder than your average vaporwave release (even having a gabber influence), and is out now on Dream Catalogue.

Fun fact: wosX has the distinction of being the first official guest of our podcast, along with Dream Catalogue founder HKE.