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The Notwist - "Kong"

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Next month German indietronic quartet The Notwist will drop its first album in six years, Close to the Glass. This second single, "Kong," is certainly a buoyant number, but due to its conventional indie rock composition, it isn't particularly exciting. At least not until around the three minute mark, which sees the band throwing in everything and the kitchen sink for the track's glitchy outro. Hopefully we'll find plenty more grand moments like this interspersed throughout the album. For now, check out "Kong" above, and enjoy!

Close to the Glass is due out February 25 via Sub Pop.

Frank Bretschneider - "Black.Out"


Check out the new (and possibly seizure-inducing) music video from German electronic musician Frank Bretschneider for the track "Black.Out." The video simply consists of a series of black and white squares and circles programmed to flash in sync with the track's incredibly punchy IDM beat. Watch it above!

"Black.Out" is taken from Bretschneider's latest LP Super.Trigger, out now via Raster-Noton.

Desolate- "Divinus" (Fan Video)

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On "Divinus," Desolate words the sonic manifesto for his debut album, the Invisible Insurrection. The reserved vocal samples and repetitious rhythms may not sound like much, but this project emphasizes atmosphere than it does song. Maybe it's a little to structured for me to go full "ambient" on it, but the hypnotic punch Desolate packs into each track on Insurrection is an invisible one. It's hard to see coming, but there's no question it's there once contact is made.

Look for the LP now on fauxpasmusik. -

Siriusmo- Mosaik

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Siriusmo's debut LP is a bipolar exploration through the German electronica producer's psyche. Not to say that he's crazy, but his music is a little all over the place. This is because Siriusmo has absolutely no interest in appealing to one particular type of electronic music fan. This album is littered with club bangers, dubstep bass, odd samples, and subtle flourishes of syths.

Though Siriusmo proves he's comfortable just about everywhere, not every song feels as finished as the next. Some cut and run before they really get to leave an impression, sadly. However, if you love variety, this will keep you coming back, I'm sure.