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Matrixxman - "The Caravan"

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Some dark, atmospheric, chilling techno coming through on this new Matrixxman track, "The Caravan," which is featured on the b-side of a new EP this guy has coming out via Ghostly Intl. on June 9th.

If you're looking for cerebral rhythms you can get lost in, here ya go. Enjoy!

Recondite - "Abscondence"

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The incredibly minimal, chilling, and beautiful electronic music project known as Recondite has a new album on the way via Ghostly International, and "Abscondence" is one of the tracks from it. While it doesn't walk down the subtle acid house road last year's On Acid did, the quiet bet and icy synths bring roughly the same vibe.

Recondite's new album is titled Hinterland, and it's dropping on the 11th of November.

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Gold Panda - "Brazil"

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Following an EP that was a bit of a micro house snoozer, UK electronic music producer Gold Panda is back with a new track that brings the lush, vibrant textures that the beatsmith does so well.

"Brazil" not only colorful with its synth tones, but it's rhythmically complex with loads of sputtering rhythms places throughout the track. The song is set for release on Gold Panda's next album, Half of Where You Live, which is looking at a June release on Ghostly. Enjoy!

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Matthew Dear- "Headcage"

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A new track from electronic music producer Matthew Dear, "Headcage." The first time I heard of this guy was when he dropped Black City last year. From the sound of this new track, it looks like we're in for more funky, dark new wave tracks with lots of great beats and personality.

The track above comes off an EP that's set to drop on January 17th via Ghostly International. Matthew Dear is supposed to have an new album on the way in 2012 as well. Check out the cover art for the EP below:

Choir of Young Believers- "Patricia's Thirst"

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For the past few years, the 80s have been a carcass the indiesphere is desperately picking over like a group of starving buzzards. However, that doesn't mean these more nostalgic releases don't have their bright spots.

So, here's a track from the forthcoming Choir of Young Believers album, Rhine Gold. It'll be out via Ghostly in March of 2012, and the first track to drop, "Patricia's Thirst," is a pretty fun and hooky combination of synth basslines and dreamy vocals. Enjoy!

Jacaszek- "Dare-gale"

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Polish musician Michal Jacaszek will be dropping a new album on Ghostly this December, and I'm really hoping this new LP--titled Glimmer--will maintain the wintery feel the track above seems to proclaim so proudly.

"Dare-gale," armed with loads of classical timbres, drones ominously in waves of sound that progressively get louder. The concept seems like a simple and uninteresting no-brainer, but the layers and detail here make this track absolutely gorgeous!

For something so soft and vast, it's incredibly engaging, keeping me interesting in what the next sound or move will be.

Scope the cover art for this forthcoming album below: