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Kijinoise - Kijinoise XIV

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Here's something that caught my ears while wading through Bandcamp earlier today. Kijinoise is a Chinese musician who has been uploading projects quite prolifically since late last month, using solely a guitar to deliver a fuzzy fusion of drone, noise, progressive rock, doom, and free improvisational elements. The results haven't been totally mind-blowing thus far, but I must say the textures of this self-titled debut are actually quite nice, almost achieving a Sunn O)))-level heaviness at points. Find this guy a label! In the meantime, I'll just wait a few more days for another release.

Update: It appears as though all the above linked projects have been consolidated into this first one, since renamed Kijinoise XIV.

José González - "Every Age"

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Stream: José González - "Every Age" Swedish singer-songwriter José González hasn't released a solo record since 2007's lovely In Our Nature, but he hasn't stayed completely silent. He has released two records with his band Junip, which are certainly worth looking into. But now he's back on the solo path with Vestiges and Claws, and with it comes the first single, "Every Age." González' solo stuff has been almost completely reliant on his deft classical guitar and gentle voice, with lo-fi production. He will occasionally include little flourishes, like the stick-clicking on "It's Time to Send Someone Away," but it's usually pretty spare. On "Every Age," he more or less continues that trend, though this time his guitar feels more resonant, there's a simple drum beat, and the production value is higher. As always, González shows off his knack for a beautiful melody, and the song feels like a nice welcoming back to his most intimate material.

Vestiges and Claws is out on Feb 17, via Mute. Stream the song above via NPR.

Tanner Olin Smith - T.O.S.

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Tanner Olin Smith is delivering some lo-fi goodness with some groovy and strung-out guitar riffs.

Embracing a low-quality style of recording, Tanner has a discernible mood that goes along with the wall of hums and guitar hard strums that fill this tape. It has an old rock 'n' roll vibe to it that is comparable to Jack White in some ways--even if the presentation here is dirtier and more psychedelic. Enjoy!