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Godflesh - Decline and Fall EP

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Famed industrial metal outfit Godflesh is back with a new EP, which I understand is just a taster for an album that's to come later this year titled A World Lit Only By Fire. It'll be the band's first record in over ten years, and they're sounding heavier than ever on this new EP, so I'm seeing no reason to be disappointed so far! Enjoy!

The Austerity Program - Beyond Calculation

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The Austerity Program's blend of old school indie, post-hardcore, sludge metal, and noise rock is refreshingly seamless. They're not quite heavy enough to be metal per se, but this album's boot-to-face attitude is can go toe-to-toe with any number of aggressive rock groups out there. The mostly spoken word vocals are pretty enjoyable as well, and show an element of weakness and humanity in the midst of these fiery guitar tones and pummeling drums. Enjoy!

Bongripper - "Endless"

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Chicago doom metal outfit Bongripper has a new album on the way titled--wait for it--Miserable. Yes, Miserable. I don't think I've ever been excited for misery, but there's a first for everything. You can pre-order the album here.

On this track from the new album, Bongripper is sounding monstrously heavy, slow, and ambitious, too. They manage to string this particular song out for 17 minutes, which isn't too surprising considering the expansive song lengths on the band's last record, Satan Worshipping Doom. Enjoy!

Plaguewielder - Self-Titled EP

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Really digging the heavy riffs, primal drums, freakish vocals, and dismal guitar leads on this new Plaguewielder EP, which you can stream via the widget above. These guys clearly aren't working with the best production in the world, but they seem to be doing a lot with a little. The tortured atmosphere on the 12-minute opening track here caught me right away, and I hope the same happens to you. Enjoy!