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Touché Amoré - "Harbor"

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West Coast screamo outfit Touché Amoré drops a video for one of the better tracks off their new album, which drops this week, Is Survived By. Look for it on Deathwish, and expect a review very soon! In the meantime, check a review for the band's last full-length below:

Savages- "Husbands" (LOVED)

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Stream: Savage- "Husbands" As anybody will tell you, there's nothing I love more than the strange, moody, and dark female-fronted post-punk, and the band Savages definitely delivers that.

They've got a new record on the way via Pop Noire Records, and this is the first track I'm hearing from it. Well, I'm psyched. A driving bassline and quiet drums start the track off. Despite their quiet disposition, they feel really tense. Tense, tense, tense! It's like having an ache in your upper back you can't get rid of. Singer Jehnny Beth enters the picture, those feelings are confirmed. Her vocals alternate from hushed whispers to short mental snaps! Vocally, she brings a lot of personality, and that'll be confirmed for you if you take a deeper look at the gender issues getting attacked in the lyrics.

The siren calls of sharp guitar wailing in between lyrical lines are a nice touch, too, and add some moments of relief from the tension, but Savages manages to bring things higher and higher as the track moves forward. Can't wait to hear more from this band!