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Father John Misty - "Bored in the USA" (On Letterman)

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Mainstream America got its first exposure to Father John Misty’s (Josh Tillman) haunting vocals and effortless stage presence on David Letterman. The word “angelic” is thrown around liberally when folks discuss the Fleet Foxes camp, and it’s always done deservedly so. Most often done in reference to Robin Pecknold, but now ex member of the band Josh Tillman is slowly claiming his place in the spotlight. Tillman’s unique mix of sincerity of satiric performance art is difficult to decode, but always remains incredibly entertaining to behold. “Bored in the USA” will be featured on Father John Misty’s upcoming album I Love You, Honeybear. While FJM’s last record Fun Times in Babylon displayed his talent for songwriting and lyricism, his vocals were unfortunately not featured prominently enough in the slightly muddy production. Here’s to hoping this next album is crisper than a 7 AM run through the Himalayans.

P.S. The piano is playing itself.

- Garrett Cottingham