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Stream the New Daphni Album

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Daniel Snaith, best known for his Polaris Music Prize-winning electronic project Caribou, has a new record out under the monicker of Daphni entitled JIAOLONG. Citing long nights of club DJing while supporting Radiohead on their most recent tour, it's evident on JIAOLONG that Snaith has fallen in love with electronic music of the dance persuasion. Eschewing the fastidious construction of past projects, the Daphni approach is considerably more direct and impulsive, resulting in ecstatic tech house grooves and mesmerizing tribal house passages. Importantly though, Snaith retains his left-field compositional voice on this dalliance with dance, giving plenty of reason for Caribou fans, and fans of unique electronic music in general, to check out this release.

Stream the album in its entirety above and if it particularly strikes your fancy, you can purchase it through Merge Records.