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Julianna Barwick - "The Harbinger"


Julianna Barwick's latest album Nepenthe expanded on her solo-voice sound, adding more piano along with strings and horns and even a choir. One of the album's most serene cuts, "The Harbinger", just got the video treatment. The clip opens with some beautiful underwater shots of a body suspended in motion, then moves on to a story of a young woman seemingly chasing after a spirit (or something?) It's all pretty mysterious and enigmatic, ending on an increasingly sinister smile.

Nepenthe is out now via Dead Oceans.

Julianna Barwick - "The Harbinger"


Last month, ambient musician Julianna Barwick dropped her sophomore LP Nepenthe, among the most delicate and ethereal releases of the year. Be sure to check out this breathtaking rendition of album highlight "'The Harbinger,"  which she performed live on a lakeshore in Iceland for La Blogothèque's Take Away Shows.

Nepenthe is out now via Dead Ocean Records.

Julianna Barwick - "One Half"

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Julianna Barwick, the ambient vocalist who is able to make beautiful, symphonic clouds out of her voice and a looping pedal, will be releasing her next album Nepenthe August 20th on Dead Oceans. This track from the project is her most straightforward effort yet, including vocal with actual words, but retains the abstract beauty of her earlier work. If this song is a good indicator, Nepenthe will continue to evolve Julianna Barwick's angelic choir to new heights.

Julianna Barwick - "Pacing"

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Julianna Barwick definitely knows how to create an atmosphere with her music that is absolutely heavenly.

As with all of the music she produces "Pacing" makes me feel as though I am going to start floating at any moment. Whisking me away to a place where I am floating through the clouds or rather resting upon them like they are individual fluffy pillows. This is analogy may have gone a bit too far, but this track brings it out with its warm acoustics and piano. Not to mention the soft sung background vocals for the added texture. All-in-all this is yet another enchanting song from Barwick.

There is a limited edition 7" available on Suicide Squeeze so go jump on that! 

Julianna Barwick- "The Magic Place" ‡ MP3

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One of my last album reviews of '09 was Julianna Barwick's Flourine, and I vividly remember having a few near-religious experiences with that album / ep / thing.

On 2/22, Asthmatic Kitty is set to release Julianna's latest album, the Magic Place. Download the title track below. Much like her previous efforts, this track is drenched in atmosphere and built out of vocals; climbing for the highest cloud in the sky.

MP3: Julianna Barwick- The Magic Place -