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King Tuff- "Alone And Stoned"

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Sometimes all you need is the title of the song to know what the video is going to be like, this is one of those times.

King Tuff is a project from the frontman of the former stoner metal outfit Witch, Kyle Thomas. It should be noted that King Tuff is really nothing like that, instead it brings a fantastic vibe of fun garage styled rock music. The kind of music that can teleport you different time; it has a pure sensation that the lo-fi quality really helps bring out.

For the video they did what needed to be done, meaning they got a bunch of odd characters in strange rooms to do really silly acts that one would only find entertaining if they were stoned. It fits the song perfectly, although, a lot of the time I get a kind of creepy vibe from the people in it. Maybe it's just the guy wrapped in the American flag playing with a small dog, who knows?

King Tuff- "Keep On Movin'"

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Vermont's King Tuff releases a foot-stomping and hand-clapping new single with a bassline that should get the young kids shaking their hips. I thought the previous track to drop from this forthcoming, self-titled album was fun, but this put a smile on my face on first listen.

It's a track that charismatic because it lets go of its inhibitions so easily. There are plenty of cheesy moments between the falsetto background vocals at the finish line, and frontman Kyle Thomas calling him and his guitar "the perfect two."

Put this on and get loose!

King Tuff- "Bad Thing"

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Vermont singer-songwriter Kyle Thomas specializes is bright, brash, and summery rock 'n' roll with a strong garage vibe. I first ran into the guy when made his Sub Pop Records debut with his band Happy Birthday. I wasn't in love with the album, but what great moments there were on that album were great. Too great to simply brush Thomas under the rug

Sub Pop is continuing to support this guy by putting out his latest solo record under the name King Tuff. The guy has been putting out material under this name for a while, and the sound quality seems to be upped on this new track to drop from the album, "Bad Thing."

Thomas brings the same youthful energy, though, progressing the track through vulnerable verses, grunge choruses, and an ear-piercing guitar solo.

King Tuff- "Wild Desire"

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Summery, fun, catchy, and lo-fi is a sound a lot of new acts shoot for, but few of them actually achieve it on the level of Vermont singer-songwriter Kyle Thomas. Whether you're listening to some of his solo stuff under the name "King Tuff," or some tracks from his band Happy Birthday, you'll probably hear a hook that'll be worth humming for weeks.

Thomas has a new single dropping under the King Tuff name on Suicide Squeeze this April, and you can stream it above. The title: "Wild Desire." I'd say the title is pretty appropriate, because this track certainly brings some wild desires out of me. It kinda makes me wanna pig out on snacks at a local 7-Eleven, steal a car, and go on a road trip to Las Vegas, which is where I'll blow my entire life savings on stuff that I'd probably find to be illegal if I checked a law book or two.

Thomas' vocal delivery feels so young, brash, and snotty. He's on the prowl for a good time, and his music brings the necessary mood. The verses have a really driving quality to them, and the chorus showcases the perfect amount of release. It's a stellar piece of garage pop.


King Tuff- "Hands"

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I was lurking one of my favorite blogs for some positive tunage, and I got what I was looking for: A new track from King Tuff--a.k.a. Kyle Thomas, a.k.a. the frontman of Happy Birthday.

On "Hands," rides a wave of flanged guitars into a sunny rock riffs. Though the song is pretty upbeat, there's something kind of freakish about it. Maybe it's the weird, shouting background vocals. Apparently, this 7'' is being released by Scion as a promotional deelie. OK. That's coo.

Hear the Hex Dispensers' side of the split at Here is the split's cover: