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Young Fathers - "LOW"

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Scottish alt-hip hop trio Young Fathers have left me pretty impressed with their creative lo-fi fusions of rap, African music, reggae, and more on the two "tapes" they've dropped thus far, but I've always thought there was more potential in what the group was offering--especially if the sounds they were working with were more hi-fi. The song "LOW" seems to toy with the idea of that, featuring the best recording I've heard on a Young Fathers song yet. The singing, rapping, and primal beat ring through clearly, and give this tender ballad dynamics it needs to move emotions and groove crowds. Watch, listen, and enjoy! Oh, and the trio is already set to drop a new album in February titled DEAD, so look out for that!

Check a review for Young Fathers' Tape Two below:

Low - "So Blue"

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Low drops another track from the legendary indie rock band's latest album, The Invisible Way. The album is looking at a March release on Sub Pop records.

A lot like the previous track to drop from this album, Low has a knack for giving soft, pretty sounds the kind of urgency that reels me in pretty quickly.

The vocal harmonies on "So Blue" are incredibly beautiful, and the song grows in intensity very nicely as piano and guitar chords get hammered harder and harder. Enjoy!

Low - "Just Make It Stop"

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Stream: Low - "Just Make It Stop" Slowcore and indie rock titans Low are coming out with a new record on the 18th of March titled the Invisible Way. "Just Make It Stop" is the first track to drop from it, and it's absolutely enthralling. I love the harmonized vocals on this track, and the way the band's playing slowly grows in intensity through the first two thirds of the track--you know, instead of shifting gears every time they change from the verse to the chorus.

Also, can we talk about the mantra on this track? "Just Make It Stop" seems to be more than just a catchy line on this thing. It's as if the band is really, truly begging for some sort of alleviation on this track. It's pretty moving. I can't wait to hear more of this LP!

Stream the New Swans Album

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Stream: Swans- The Seer Slowly but surely, the practically unclassifiable art rock titans Swans have unleashed tracks from their new album The Seer. Last month, they dropped an edited version of "The Apostate," which appears on The Seer in its complete, 23-minute duration, and last week they released another gargantuan track, the 12-minute "Mother Of The World," via NPR. As of today, the new album is officially available to stream, again thanks to NPR, in its entire 2-hour glory. Listening to this album is no small feat, but as somebody who has had difficulty getting into Swans in the past, I can attest that The Seer is surprisingly inviting for such a leviathan of a record. Frontman Michael Gira--a man whose boundless ability to reinvent himself and stay relevant makes people half his age look bad--remains in a creative class of his own on this record, although he does get some help. Guest contributors include Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, on "Song For the Warrior," and Low's Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk on the stunning opening track "Lunacy," perhaps my favorite track from the album.

The Seer will be streaming on NPR until its August 28th release date. Pre-order it now from Young God Records.