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Sunbeam Rd. is a San Fran outfit that'll catch the ear of anyone who prefers their vocals harmonized. There's a an old-world psychedelic charm to their music, but clear pop sensibilities take precedent over noise and experimentation--most of the time, anyway.

The band's latest release is Turtles, Magnets, Animals, and it brings five well-developed tracks to the table. The ambition behind these songs far surpasses any limitations set by the somewhat humble recording quality. Some thick guitar distortion makes the track "Burial" enjoyably menacing, and "House Boats" works as a desolate, reverb-drenched piece of blissrock. "Waves": A personal standout and one of the sweetest songs to creep into my ear all week.

Grab that song below and visit Sunbeam Rd.'s Bandcamp for a digital or cassette copy of this new EP.

MP3: Sunbeam Rd.- Waves