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Audion (a.k.a. Matthew Dear) - "Sky"

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Next week, Matthew Dear will be putting out his career-spanning Audion retrospective Audion X. He teased this sweet compilation of techno last month with the single "Motormouth" and now we have the 11-minute-long "Sky" to further pique our interest. Dear describes the piece perfectly as "a long burning wave of joy and exultation." It's certainly enough to leave any Matthew Dear/Audion fan giddy and excited for Audion X's December 10 release via Spectral Sound.

Audion (a.k.a. Matthew Dear) - "Motormouth"

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Microhouse's eeriest DJ is now dropping hard-nosed techno grooves under the name Audion, which is apparently a long-running side-project that's been around long enough to have a "retrospective" album coming out on December 10th on Spectral Sound. Because of the vague description of just how long Audion has been around, it's hard for me to place my finger on how old this track is. But it's not something I should sweat too much considering how much of a banger this thing is, with it's punchy kicks and tightly sequenced synths. Enjoy, and check a review of Matthew Dear's latest full-length below:

Stream Matthew Dear's Beams

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Songwriter and producer Matthew Dear now has his latest full-length effort, Beams, available for a complete stream via the widget above. Based on my first impressions of this thing, Dear has really outdone himself. No, really. 2010's Black City was pretty well-received, but he's improved his approach a bit.

Dear's dark, moody approach to danceable and synthetic pop tunes was a bit too underwhelming for me during some spots on City. Here, Dear has given his rhythms and grooves a bit more punch. He's filled in the gaps with some twisted and strange sounds, and it's really showing off the dude's Talking Head's influences. The end result feels a bit like a mutated, bizarro version of Talking Heads' Remain In Light.

Press play on this thing, put on something black, and get those feet movin'.

Matthew Dear- "Earthforms"

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Producer, songwriter, and singer Matthew Dear drops another track from his forthcoming album, Beams. While the songs features the dude's usual deep, strange delivery, it's got a really spunky vibe coming from the instrumentation that's a nice change of pace for Dear. There's a fantastically chilly choral bridge that starts around 1:50, too.

With this track, Matthew Dear finds another sweet spot sitting between dark and the danceable, but he's got a refreshing focus on the latter this time around.

Matthew Dear's new album is dropping at the end of this month. Hear another track from it here.