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clipping. - "something they don't know" ft. sb the moor, nocando, and open mike eagle

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West Coast industrial hip hop trio clipping. just dropped a new single that features verses from Signor Benedick the Moor, Nocando, and Open Mike Eagle. Hellfyre Club continues to make noise!!!

You can grab this track for free via the group's Bandcamp. I'm gonna embed the b-side to this single below, too.

After the release of Midcity and clppng., I was left wondering where these guys can go next, and it turns out that a great single with even greater features was the answer.

Not only is the instrumental on here insane, loaded with broken piano and Ol' Dirty Bastard samples, but I'm loving Daveed Diggs going toe-to-toe with some of the best voices in the West Coast's underground right now.

clipping. - "Inside Out"

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Between "Body & Blood," "Story 2," and "Work Work," West Coast experimental hip hop trio clipping. has been dropping some pretty intense and odd music videos. "Inside Out" is one of the strangest of them thus far, featuring a headless figure walking through a series of nocturnal, urban settings. As the lyrics of Daveed Diggs quickly roll against the track's glitchy beat, many of the objects referenced in Diggs' lyrics rise up through the hole where this figure's head should be. Hilarious concept, fun to watch.

Check out my extremely positive review of clipping.'s new album right here.

clipping. - "Jump" / "Or Die"


During a recent performance at The Stables in celebration of Sub Pop's Silver Jubilee, recent signees clipping. performed two new tracks: "Jump" and "Or Die," which are tracks I'm hoping make it to their first album on the famed Seattle label. Give a live to those live renditions via the videos above, and catch a review for clipping.'s midcity album / mixtape below:

Thanks for KEXP for capturing these videos, too!

clipping - midcity

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Smooth, chill California flows matched with noisy, strange, glitchy production on this new clipping album, midcity. Some of the rhymes are pretty raunchy as well, so don't go into this looking for something highfalutin--or even Death Grips-esque, really. clipping's style may take a lot of cues from noise music, but the subtle, quiet approach they've got presents some new possibilities.