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Sigur Ros - "Kveikur"

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Sigur Ros is really showing how diverse of a group they can be as the band takes a dark, moody approach to their newest songs.

"Kveikur" features some huge, distorted riffs that art matched with Jón Þór Birgisson's vocals being twisted for a poltergeist-like effect. It says a lot when you have no idea what a band is really saying lyrically, but still has an immense impact with the vocals and music. They have always been able to do that and "Kveikur" is no different with it's heavy bass and drums brooding throughout.

It feels like a very masterful track from a band who remains difficult to pin down. The album Kveikur will be released on June 18th on XL Recordings.

Folo- The Secret Message

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Folo is a folk and electronic (folktronic?) group that hails from Israel. Now I wasn't really expecting to hear a blending of genres like these two, but what has been developed is something wonderfully atmospheric and eerie. The way that Folo uses vocal harmonies and electronic sampling creates a tense uneasy mood that I am particularly fond of. Though they are not the first band to have this kind of tone to their music it feels especially original here. It may be a part of living in Israel; having different sounds and feelings to bring into their art. Whatever it may be they pulled it off very well, I can see the influences of more recent Radiohead songs here, but I feel like these guys are much more successful than Radiohead has been of late in capturing this style of sound. You should definitely check this album out if nothing else it is a compelling listen all the way through.