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Jarren Benton - "Life In The Jungle"


Georgia-based Funk Volume MC Jarren Benton gives listeners a disconcerting look at urban life in his music video for "Life in the Jungle." The video consists of two vignettes about robbery and drug use, culminating in nothing but an early grave.

"Life in the Jungle" is taken from Benton's latest album, My Grandma's Basement. You can watch a review of it here:

Jarren Benton - My Grandma's Basement

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Jarren Benton is one of the most eccentric faces in the south right now, spewing rhymes that are equal parts gritty, gross, cartoony, and offensive. The dude obviously takes a lot of influence from Eminem, but is modern enough to fend off any negative comparisons. For sure, this dude's over-the-top persona is gonna make Benton's new full-length, My Grandma's Basement, one of hip hop biggest highlights this summer.

The project is out now on iTunes, but is also streamable via the widget above. Enjoy!