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Girl Band - "De Bom Bom"

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Previously mentioned and up-and-coming noise rock band Girl Band have released a new song and video right heretitled "De Bom Bom," and I'm quite smitten with it. The song ain't exactly musical, well, not in the traditional sense. However, it's very distorted, textured, and intense. The performance is especially riveting between the yelping vocals and tightly wound drums. The band moves from one intense rush of sound and emotion to another until they bring the song to a close just before the 4-minute mark.

If you've got a soft spot for bands like Drive Like Jehu and Obits, this is a must-listen!

Dub Thompson - "No Time"

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Up-and-coming lo-fi rock outfit Dub Thompson drops yet another song from their forthcoming album on Dead Oceans, 9 Songs. Truth be told, "No Time" has been floating around for a little while, I believe, but I've been warming up to the song a bit. The damaged aesthetic of the recording just gives the eerie, viral refrain a lot of impact, and I think the quirky organ melodies at the start of the track add a lot of the song as well.

9 songs is coming out next week.

The National- "Exile Vilify"

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You know your band is moving up in the world when your music is making it onto video game soundtracks. The National's "Exile Vilify" will be featured in Portal 2, which makes me assume we're talking about leftovers here; however, the somber attitude and lush string accompaniment are pretty enjoyable. Can't wait to see where the band goes from here--even though y'all are still pretty burnt over my review of High Violet.