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Flying Lotus - "Medication Meditation" ft. Krayzie Bone

New TrackstheneedledropComment With the expanded edition of Grand Theft Auto V comes a whopping 162 new songs across the game's 17 radio stations. Flying Lotus' Fly Lo FM has been supplemented with new music from Danny Brown, Freddie Gibbs, and DOOM to name just a few. Above you can stream a new Flying Lotus-produced track "Medication Meditation," which features a couple of verses from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Krayzie Bone, background vocals from frequent FlyLo collaborator Niki Randa, and of course there's some slick bass work from Thundercat all over this thing. Now, this song may not offer the free-jazz euphoria of You're Dead!, but I sure as hell wouldn't mind blasting this in the car while cruising around San Andreas.

GTA V is out on next-gen consoles now via Rockstar Games, with a limited edition box set of the expanded soundtrack due out December 9 via Mass Appeal. Here's our review of Flying Lotus' latest record You're Dead!:

Mac Miller - "I Am Who Am (Killing Time)" ft. Niki Randa

Videosalex nicollComment

Mac Miller, the world's most unlikely rap-critic's pet, has released a fittingly psychedelic video for this cut off of his recent LP Watching Movies With the Sound Off. The video cycles between images of Mac rapping in a room of mirrors filled with lightbulbs and of a pretty lady in front of a TV and floating in water. The song is one of the best examples why Mac has changed from the twerpiest white boy rapping to a man willing to delve deep into his mind on record; he spits his most self-conscious and self-loathing lyrics ever.

Watch the Needledrop's review of Watching Movies With the Sound Off below: