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clipping. - "Inside Out"

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Between "Body & Blood," "Story 2," and "Work Work," West Coast experimental hip hop trio clipping. has been dropping some pretty intense and odd music videos. "Inside Out" is one of the strangest of them thus far, featuring a headless figure walking through a series of nocturnal, urban settings. As the lyrics of Daveed Diggs quickly roll against the track's glitchy beat, many of the objects referenced in Diggs' lyrics rise up through the hole where this figure's head should be. Hilarious concept, fun to watch.

Check out my extremely positive review of clipping.'s new album right here.

clipping. - "Work Work"

New MusictheneedledropComment clipping. is sounding pretty polished on "Work Work," the lead single from their Sub Pop and studio debut clppng. The harsh noise elements of Midcity are all but gone, but the trio is progressing and maintaining their identity as one of hip hop's most forward-thinking outfits magnificently.

While the song sports some club-centric synth work and clipping. has clearly placed a greater emphasis on their hooks, the track's instrumental is nevertheless incredibly inventive. According to Rolling Stone, the beat was "made by rolling a ball-bearing in a metal Thermos, smashing cinder blocks, and crumpling a beer can." And on the flow front, all of the electricity of the Midcity-and-prior work is preserved - hell, it might just be turned up! The outlook for the group's debut is extremely promising.

clppng is due out June 10 via Sub Pop. A reminder we absolutely loved the aural assault of  Midcity last year:


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Richmond's BLACKHANDPATH is properly fucked up. They identify themselves as a noise rap group, but that label does not particularly satisfy. As can be heard above with the new single "Don't Choke," the outfit's "MC" has both a greater affinity for yelling and greater disregard for maintaining a semblance of flow than MC Ride himself, and the track's spastic instrumental all but solidify BLACKHANDPATH as the zaniest act to emerge from the subgenre thus far. Tune in above and revel in the wonky noise rap magic!

Killer Mike- R.A.P. Music

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Stream: Killer Mike- R.A.P. Music The much anticipated collaboration between MC Killer Mike and producer EL-P is now available for streaming in full on Spin. Both of these artists are well known for their hard-hitting styles and it is clear that they wanted this project to be a crushing force to be reckoned with. The production here is consistently great, every song is unique and dense, while maintaining the trade mark noisy rap style El-P is known for. Killer Mike clearly gives it his all on every track, showing his lyrical prowess. The entire project is an example of two artists who have styles that compliment each other making both aspects sound even better.

R.A.P. Music drops May 15th.