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Immolation - "Kingdom of Conspiracy" (Full Album Stream)

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Stream: Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy New York death metal demigods Immolation are back with the release of their ninth full-length album, entitled Kingdom of Conpiracy. The album will be released on May 10 through Nuclear Blast Records. It is now streaming in full on Terrorizer Magazine's website and showcases the band essentially putting on a clinic on how to write truly evil riffs. While the album might not be an extreme departure from anything they've done in the past few years, it's refreshing to see one of the genre's staples honing on their now signature sound and schooling most younger bands in the process. Some personal favorites of mine include "Echoes of Despair" and "The Great Sleep."

Lost Society - "Trash All Over You"

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Finland’s newest metal success, Lost Society, has just been signed to Nuclear Blast Records, one of the bigger label names in extreme music today. They play a no-bullshit, no-frills approach to 80s-style thrash metal, which is ironic when you consider that every single member of the band was born years after the genre peaked and returned to the gutters form whence it came. Thankfully, with the healthy revival of thrash in recent years thanks to bands like Skeletonwitch and Municipal Waste, the genre is gaining more attention than it has in decades.

Suffocation - "Cycles of Suffering"

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Suffocation is gearing up for the release of their seventh LP, Pinnacle of Bedlam, and have been beginning to leak out new material to slake the thirst of their devoted, death metal masses. Prepare yourselves for a no-frills, balls-heavy lesson in how death metal simply needs to be executed in 2013. Hobbs is still smoking almost every rhythm guitarist in the genre, new and old; drummer Dave Culross has no trouble rejoining and readapting to the band's signature sound; and vocalist Frank Mullen still manages to stay as deranged as ever. Definitely one of the more extreme releases to be on the look-out for in 2013.