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James Blake - Overgrown

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James Blake - "Voyeur"


James Blake drops some visuals for the track "Voyeur," and kills two birds with one stone by promoting his new album, Overgrown, which is dropping on April 8th; plus, the dude is bringing more visibility to the label he's trying to put together, 1-800-Dinosuar.

The song itself follows a similar pattern to previously released tracks like "The Wilhelm Scream." James sings beautifully, and subsequently chops and loops his vocals against electronic beats and synths that progress, progress, and progress. It's an enthralling track, and can't wait to see how it fits into the rest of Overgrown.

James Blake - "Retrograde" (LOVED)

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A music video for the new James Blake track, which is teasing toward the release of a new album that's looking at an April release via Republic Records!

I'd be a shock if every track on the album were this soulful, eh? While the song does take a surprising turn for James, all of the elements herein were at least present in his previous efforts in some way, shape, or form. Certainly, the man is a fan of contemporary R&B, and James has never been one to shy away from piano balladry either. The hot layers of synths toward the end of the track are a familiar touch as well.

The track features elements of soul music and electronica. It's smooth and rigid at the same time--at lot like that new Bobby Womack album that dropped this past year. Maybe you'd dig that, too.