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Julia Holter - Live In-Studio w/KEXP


Art-popper Julia Holter stopped by the KEXP studio recently and did an interview and a lovely performance of "In the Green Wild," "This is a True Heart," and "City Appearing" from her latest album Loud City Song, which is, in case you didn't know already, one of 2013's best. It is always interesting to see how songs such as Holter's are performed live.

Loud City Song is out now via Domino.

Iceage - "Morals" from Copenhagen


Danish punk, post-punk, and noise rock act Iceage releases a session performance of one of my favorite tracks from their latest album, You're Nothing. Morals" is one of the most ballad-like tracks on the album, and it's the beautiful piano chords and steady march of the beat that help make it so.

This session performance of the track is both fierce and passionate, and brings a little more intensity than the album version, I think.

Check a review of You're Nothing below:

Holly Herndon @ Boiler Room


Video of producer / DJ Holly Herndon performing at the Boiler Room. It's not the most accessible Boiler Room set you'll see; it actually takes Holly about twelve minutes to present some semblance of a steady beat. However, it's still pretty awesome to see her perform the mind-bending strangeness of her debut album live.

Find a review for Herndon's perplexing Movement here. Listen to the audio of this set here.