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R. Stevie Moore- "Post Breakup Sex" (Loved)

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R. Stevie Moore drops a cover of the Vaccines' "Post Breakup Sex," which was released on a 7" this past weekend on Record Store Day via O'Genesis Recordings.

In usual Moore, D.I.Y. fashion, the track is fuzzed out and eccentric. A lone snare drum keeps time against some tinny guitar chords, and a phantom bassline that softly reinforces the chord progression. Moore's voice removes the bitterness from the Vaccines' track, though; replacing it with something much kookier. Come to think of it, the subject matter of this song isn't too far from the kind of odd relationship dynamics Moore has sung about in the past, too.

Actually, I think this cover was destined to be made. I now believe in a higher musical power.

6th RSM Trib LP thru Sick of the Radio


For the past several months, Sick of the Radio has been releasing numerous tribute albums in honor of self-recording guru R. Stevie Moore. The project is up to its sixth release, titled Untitled Bible, and has received contributions from numerous musicians, including Ariel Pink and MGMT's James Richardson. Stream the LP here, and download all the tracks you'd like, too. Dig on one of Moore's classic music videos below:


The Wicked Witches of the South ‡ STREAM

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Fans of home recording know the name R. Stevie Moore. When it comes to capturing the magic of bedroom rock, few have a discography that measures up to his.

Moore is involved in a new project, Wicked Witches of the South. The collaboration is completely internet-based and also features Régis Laugier of HIFIKLUB, Mike Watt of Minutemen Fame, and Frédéric Landini of Get Back Guinozzi. So this might quality as a self-recording supergroup.

The band has officially streamed their first song on their new website, and click here to check it out. It's somewhat of a introductory statement to the band, repeating "wicked witches of the south" in the lyrics, and playing with some broom-esque noises in the percussion. -

Telethon- "Yeah Right You Wish" ‡ STREAM

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One thing's for sure: In today's musical landscape, it's an exciting time to be self-recording. The craze of lo-fi in 2008 was one thing, but it seems homemade music is gaining more and more support across the blogosphere these days.

So let me kindly introduce you to the Orlando outfit Telethon. They've got an enjoyably rough sound, and a raging crush on the music of R. Stevie Moore: an underrated bedroom rock guru whose been getting more and more press due to the recent popularity of Ariel Pink.

Teleton has a new 7'' on the way titled People Eat Humans Or Humans, The Human Animal. This track is on it, and so is the track below. "Yeah Right You Wish" is fueled with abrasive guitars and eccentric vocals. The lyrics, which seem literal, are turning someone down for an offer to go to the dance, and they're not that nice about it either. It's the kind of rock 'n' roll snobbery that makes rooting for the bad guy fun. Look for a physical copy of this single in August, and download Telethon's latest EP, Gypped, in the meantime. The track:

Stream: Telethon- Yeah Right You Wish

What did you think of this song? Too loud? Not loud enough? What would you do if you were turned down for the dance? -