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Foxygen- "Shuggie"

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Foxygen drops a strange video for the song "Shuggie," which features an array of characters who are completely infatuated with a mysterious black box. While there's no real explanation as to what makes the black box so damn interesting--or delicious--it does highlight the absurdity of obsessions people can form over objects. Props to Ulysses///Onasis on the video direction. They've also worked on some visual projects with Damien Jurado and Richard Swift

Look for Foxygen's next album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic, on January 22nd via Jagjaguwar. Check out my review of the band's Take the Kids Off Broadway EP right here.

Fatal Jamz- "Scorpion Chain"


A video from Los Angeles' Fatal Jamz for the fast-rockin' "Scorpion Chain," which sounds like an interesting cross between the modern and messy punk energy of Jay Reatard with the over-the-top presentation of glam.

Jamz has a debut album coming out on Burger Records and Gnar Tapes in November. Also, while you're at it, check out a project that was also fronted by Fatal Jamz's Marion Belle named Bowery Beasts on Bandcamp.

RAJA- "That Girl" ft. Starchild

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This is a nostalgic track done right. Everything about this song is oozing with flashbacks to another time, but the faded memory of that time. Even though that memory is old and faded it can still be remembered with a golden hue that makes it feel timeless and makes you wish you were there. The bass line and vocals done by Starchild are what really make this song have that impeccable effect that is so rare, done seemingly with ease here. The whole essence of the nostalgia washes over the listener like a wave and never lets go. This is helped by the tape edit, which delivers that extra retro vibe.

Poor Moon- "People In Her Mind"

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Among Sub Pop Records' most recent signees is Poor Moon, a project consisting of Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott of Fleet Foxes and Crystal Skulls, as well as Ian and Peter Murray of the Christmas Cards. "People In Her Mind" comes from the band's recently released EP Illusion, a five-track release that precedes a full-length debut that is set to drop in August. The group's nods to '60s guitar pop is sure to draw a lot of comparisons to The Zombies, but that's not to say necessarily that it won't appeal to fans of the members' respective projects.

Give "People In Her Mind" a listen above, and look for the full EP on Sub Pop.

Kindness- "That's Alright" (Loved)

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Kindness is the musical project of Mr. Adam Bainbridge, a producer who hasn't really been heard from since dropping a cover for the Replacements tune "Swinging Party" in '09 on Moshi Moshi Records.

Out of nowhere, Bainbridge is back with a set of tunes that embrace the new wave, electro funk, and synth pop sensibilities of the 1980s. The guy seems to be equal parts Prince, David Byrne, and Ariel Pink, too.

Though the style of music the above track indulges in has been announced dead long ago--and nearly every artist looking to revive it has been met with some cynicism--the composition of this song is what hits me hardest. The opening horn and synth interlude is stunning. It's chilling. It sets an epic tone for what's ultimately just a pop tune, but first impressions are everything.

Kindness' new album is titled World, You Need a Change of Mind.

Neverever- "Mexicoco"

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A funny little song from the forthcoming Neverever EP, Shake-A-Baby. The title: "Mexicoco." It's the kind of song that would have been a surf pop hit in the 60s if it had a better recording going for it. I can see leagues of teenage girls chewing gum and gossiping about guys on the phone while this song spins on a 45 through a nearby record player.

While it's kinda kitschy, Neverever seems more than aware of that, and that makes the total package a little tongue-in-cheek. So just catch a wave and bop your head to the "ba ba da" background vocals.

Jensen Sportag's Pure Wet EP

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Lotta dance tracks turning up on the blog today, but who is complianing?

This little EP was sent to me by the good people at Bears Eat Beats. Jensen Sportag is an electronic music duo from Nashville. The sounds spread across their new Pure Wet EP are pretty surprising. The echoing female vocals on "Mapquest" are a pretty stark contrast from the sweet soft rock feel of "Jareaux." Definitely a versatile up-and-comer. Stream the entire release below:

Stream: Jensen Sportag- Pure Wet EP -