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Ed Schrader's Music Beat - Party Jail

New TrackstheneedledropComment Ed Schrader's Music Beat, the Baltimore duo comprised of vocalist/percussionist Ed Schrader and bassist Devlin Rice, has released a follow-up to its 2012 full-length Jazz Mind. Party Jail proffers a slight expansion of the sound of its predecessor, being comprised of 13 dynamic and breezy post-punk tunes that have been seasoned with just a soupçon of a glam pop zest. You can check it out in full above; happy listening!

Party Jail is out now via JEFF the Brotherhood's Infinity Cat label.

The Frights - Self-Titled

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San Diego surf-punk trio The Frights put out their self-titled debut LP this past Halloween, a fitting release date given that the band describes itself as the “house band for a 1950’s underwater Halloween party.” With its delightfully messy, reverb-drenched recording and “dirty” take on doo wop, The Frights is simply a rip-roaring good time through and through. Have a listen above and enjoy!

Rats On Rafts- "The Moon Is Big"

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Some energetic and reverb-heavy post-punk from Rotterdam right here with the band Rats On Rafts. They've got a new album out titled the Moon Is Big, and you can grab it on the band's website.

While the band isn't doing anything entirely new with this sound, they are doing a fantastic job of reliving this genre's heyday. "The Moon Is Big" features a drum and bass combo I could see Gang of Four rocking; "Lalalala" has a chorus that sounds a little like a song or two from the Slits; and "Sailor" takes a surprising detour with some saxophone accompaniment.

Definitely a fun listen for post-punk diehards.

Washed Out- "Eyes Be Closed"

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Is anybody else getting hot looking at this album cover? Of course, I feel that way because this is going to be the next Washed Out album. I don't know what you were thinking, but whatever.

It looks like electronic artist Ernest Greene's solo efforts will be getting the full-length treatment come July 12th via Sub Pop. His Life of Leisure EP, which dropped in '09, helped get the ball rolling on this ultra-buzzed "genre" that shall remain nameless.

This forthcoming LP will be titled Within and Without, and for the most part, this new track from it doesn't break expectations. It sounds in line with the blissful, wavy, intoxicating sounds this project has released before--but that's not a bad thing. Get the track yourself for the price of an e-mail address via the widget above.

Frankie Rose and the Outs- "Little Brown Haired Girls" | MP3

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Frankie Rose has been the backing beat for quite a few powerhouses in the lo-fi circuit: Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls, and Dum Dum Girls, for example. She's released solo work before, but she'll be doing it full-length style 9/21 with a new album on Slumberland. It's titled after her band, Frankie Rose and the Outs. Grab the first track to leak from it below:

MP3: Frankie Rose and the Outs- Little Brown Haired Girls

What did you think of this? Pretty drenched in reverb, eh? Will this be the coolest thing Frankie has ever done? Is she suffering from a drummer's complex that forces her to desire the spotlight since she's relegated to the back of the stage as a percussionist? Drummers get a bad break sometimes, but they're pretty important.