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Download Milo's Cavalcade

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Abstract and ultra-personal rapsmith Milo has dropped a new, free collection of tracks that he's dubbed Cavalcade. The production is handled entirely by Riley Lake, which is a name you might recognize from Milo's recent Things That Happen At Day EP, which was dropped at the start of this year.

While I wouldn't say Milo is traveling into the avant-garde of the hip hop world with this release, Cavalcade does feature some of his oddest instrumentals and verses yet. Enjoy!

Milo - "Eccelesiastes"

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Rapsmith Milo drops his first track from his forthcoming project, Cavalcade, which will be coming out on July 9th. While it's not one of the dude's strongest hooks, I think the growing intensity of the instrumental and Milo's verses is actually pretty great!

Catch a review for Milo's new EPs and an interview with him below:

Saint Pepsi - Hit Vibes

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When I first ran across the up-and-coming producer Saint Pepsi, a.k.a. Ryan DeRobertis, he was pulling together some loose vaporwave edits that warranted more than initial novelty listens that many releases in that genre receive.

Now, Ryan has a new full-length out that dabbles much more in dance music with a strong vintage vibe. I mean, just look at that cover! It looks like something straight out of 1994. Geez! The same does for a lot of the samples that are being pulled on this release as well. There are plenty of samples on Hit Vibes, but the "magic" essentially comes together though the seamless edits and catchy grooves. Enjoy!

Dean Blunt - "Papi"

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As one half of the group formerly known as Hype Williams, a duo which now goes under the more self-explanatory title Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, Dean Blunt has specialized in obtuse, abstract electronic pop, though I use the term "pop" this loosely. With the idea of pop tends to come a relateable sort of accessibility with the potential for wide appeal, but it was this fundamental characteristic which Dean and Inga seemed determined to obscure. On last year's Black is Beautiful, the pair buried their humanness under a lo-fi haze of synth-based instrumentals. Dean Blunt is not even the artist's birth name, nor is Inga Copeland her's, with their true identities having yet to meet the public light. In removing themselves from so many aspects of themselves which artists often offer in order to be connectable to their audience, Dean and Inga were essentially creating anti-pop.

With Dean Blunt's new LP, The Redeemer, however, the veil is being peeled back tentatively yet noticeably. Samples are much higher in fidelity, with lush orchestra clips giving off a convincingly cinematic feel, and much more clearly mixed vocals revealing deeper angles of Dean's persona. An especially apt example of the album's vulnerability is the first track to drop from the LP, "Papi," in which Dean's voice subtly suggests emotional longing alongside a wistfully romantic Pink Floyd sample. As Dean is gradually exposing more of his character, his statement becomes more coherent and ultimately more effective.

Look for The Redeemer via Hippos in Tanks.

Letherette - "D&T"


The self-titled debut album from English duo Letherette is a colorful trip through a dusty, sample-driven take on house music and instrumental hip hop. "D&T" is a prime representation of the album's house roots, placing groove-laden drums under infectiously sliced vocal snippets and similarly chopped synthesizer bits. The aesthetic is one of its most appealing aspects, favoring an endearingly analog quality rather than venturing into overproduced sheen. When the song eventually peaks with a soaring guitar solo, its melding of the past and present comes fully into fruition, and with it is one of Letherette's greatest strengths: the ability to inject the appeal of old-school sounds into a fresh and modern take on house and beat music.

Look for Letherette via esteemed electronic label Ninja Tune Records.

Co La - "Deaf Christian"


Co La is the pseudonym of Maryland music producer Matthew Papich. He's got a new album on the way via the Software Label, and the tracks he's dishing out sit at an interesting crossroads, incorporating samples, danceable grooves, and an extremely strange sound palette. Papich has an ear for sounds both experimental and accessible, and blends them together in the track featured in the music video above, "Deaf Christian." As far as the video, uh, I'll leave it to you to make sense of that.

Co La's Moody Coup will be dropping on May 7th.