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Open Mike Eagle - "Degrassi Picture Day"

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Open Mike Eagle looking snazzy in this session video over at Kinda Neat. With school picture day as a thematic backdrop, Mike drops some pretty clever, hilarious lines that are delivered this a flow that grows more passionate as the song progresses. I've gotta say his singing is shaping up a bit, too. Enjoy!

SOL - "Old Him"


With hip hop's often me-centric standpoint, SOL brings something you don't catch on a lotta tracks these days: Sympathy for your fellow man. SOL doesn't get too wrapped up in his own problems on this track. Actually, some of the bars here elude to him doing well for himself financially, but that doesn't alleviate the pain he feels when he sees others in pain. Props to the people at Kinda Neat for the video!

Iceage - "Morals" from Copenhagen


Danish punk, post-punk, and noise rock act Iceage releases a session performance of one of my favorite tracks from their latest album, You're Nothing. Morals" is one of the most ballad-like tracks on the album, and it's the beautiful piano chords and steady march of the beat that help make it so.

This session performance of the track is both fierce and passionate, and brings a little more intensity than the album version, I think.

Check a review of You're Nothing below:

Killer Mike- "Untitled" (Yours Truly Session)

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Atlanta rapper Killer Mike recently recorded a live in studio session for Yours Truly for "Untitled," a highlight track from his new LP R.A.P. Music, one of the better hip-hop albums of the year. Watching Mike rap in this video is truly a sight to behold; his flow is at once seemingly effortless and yet so gooey and thick, almost like Biggie Smalls with a Southern accent. He starts out in the zone and remains thoroughly in it throughout "Untitled's" four-minute duration, hitting his stride particularly after the first chorus. Watching a smile creep up on his bearded face by the halfway mark is particularly telling -- you can tell that he knows he's  a badass rapper, and I'm definitely not going to argue with that.

Watch the Yours Truly clip above and pick up R.A.P. Music on Williams Street today.

THEESatisfaction- KEXP Session

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Neo-soul/experimental hip hop duo THEESatisfaction stopped by KEXP to record a session video fairly recently. The pair didn't play anything from their loved debut album, but they did perform a couple of non-album highlights, respectively titled "Pause" and "Do You Have The Time." The video does a particularly good job of capturing the interplay between the group's Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White, which should be especially rewarding for fans of the dynamic the two displayed on awE naturalE. Check out the session above.

Rhye- "Open" (Live in a living room...)

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For a project that wants to remain anonymous, Rhye sure is trying to make waves with its music. So, in support of the fantastically beautiful song "Open," the project has seen fit to release a video performing the song. A video, yes, but it doesn't exactly feature the identities of those involved in Rhye. Rather, it seems to be shot from behind the musicians as an audience of one quietly listens with great intent.