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Baroness- "Take My Bones Away"

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A lot like the band Torche with its latest album, Harmonicraft, sludgesters Baroness seem to be moving their heavy rock sound into more accessible territory. "Take My Bones Away" is the first track to drop from the band's forthcoming Yellow & Green album, which will be out on Relapse in July, and the track has a strong alternative rock vibe to it. It's actually something I could see Foo Fighters fans getting down with, but that's not a bad thing by any means, because Baroness manages to maintain a lot of its personality in the process of this change.

The guitars are still sludgy, there are plenty of harmonic guitar solos, the song itself still showcases Baroness' knack for building songs up to epic climaxes. All in all, a nice teaser toward a potentially great album.

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Koloss is a post-apocalyptic sludge metal band from Vetlanda. Their debut End of the Chayot is truly reflective of the drive and dedication of its four members. Comprised of five tracks and just South of 39 minutes, these mystical angels of fire are being extinguished slowly one by one. Heavy dark tones, and melodic passages define their dirge-like sound. Behind the punishing drums and guitars are lyrics of a world that no longer exists. Koloss is asking us: What do we need to do to survive? And what is the ultimate price that we are going to have to pay? Find out, End of the Chayot is available for free download at Bandcamp! Stream it below, too.