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Julianna Barwick - "Pacing"

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Julianna Barwick definitely knows how to create an atmosphere with her music that is absolutely heavenly.

As with all of the music she produces "Pacing" makes me feel as though I am going to start floating at any moment. Whisking me away to a place where I am floating through the clouds or rather resting upon them like they are individual fluffy pillows. This is analogy may have gone a bit too far, but this track brings it out with its warm acoustics and piano. Not to mention the soft sung background vocals for the added texture. All-in-all this is yet another enchanting song from Barwick.

There is a limited edition 7" available on Suicide Squeeze so go jump on that! 

Mecca:83- D A Y B R E A K

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On his latest set of tracks, D A Y B R E A K, Mecca:83 masters the gentle instrumental, creating a series of grooves that are light on the ears. Seems the UK producer has a lot of versatility under his belt, too. Tracks like "Send U" and "2am Samba" feel almost like night and day in terms of energy and samples. What's even more surprising is all these tracks were put together within 24 hours. Well, there ya go.

Download D A Y B R E A K right here.

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins- "Bubble"


A new video from the new collaborative album between electronica producer Jon Hopkins and one of the UK's more prolific singer-songwriters, King Creosote.

I wouldn't call myself an expert on either of these musicians, but I knew enough to be kind of surprised by the pairing. Hopkins' and Creosote's creative minds might be closer than I originally assumed, though. On "Bubble," the light electronics complements the songwriting perfectly. They add a nice texture without taking away from the warm, soft, and acoustic nature of the instrumentation.

Dig on the video above, and look for this new collaborative album from this duo, Diamond Mine, on Domino Recs.

Uphill Racer- Captured Moods ‡ STREAM

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After blogging a track of his back in October, Uphill Racer has kept me up on his various music exploits. It turns out that he's pretty prolific, and isn't afraid to shift from one style to another without hesitation.

The latest Uphill Racer album is a compilation of soft, instrumental miscellanea that should relax just about any mind. This thing is packed with light, atmospheric sounds, and most of the tracks are cut just before the two-minute mark. Kind reminds me of an album I dug earlier this year.

The LP's title is Captured Moods, and it's streaming in full via the Uphill Racer bandcamp. If you dig on it, it's downloadable via a pay-what-chu-wanna-pay-bro basis. Enjoy:

Stream: Uphill Racer- Captured Moods -

Teen Daze- "Watch Over Me" ‡ MP3

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This past weekend, Canada's Teen Daze sent me a brand new track. If you dig on it, trek back and dig on his recently released EP, Four More Years.

I gotta say I'm pretty impressed with this one. It's a surprising change of pace from what he's put out in the past, and it's got a soft, dreamy sound akin to many of the tracks from the new Radio Dept. album, Clinging to a Scheme. The lyrics are pretty catchy too. Stream / download:

Teen Daze- Watch Over Me -