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Lemolo- The Kaleidoscope

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Some chilly, emotive, soft piano tunes from Lemolo on this new album, the Kaleidoscope. There are some pretty moving points on this LP--especially the patient opener, "Knives."

Things do pick up with tracks like "Move Me," which features a pretty tight rhythm, but there's something about the more sluggish moments on here that just have an intoxicating quality.

Though I don't consider myself to be a huge Wye Oak admirer, I could see fans of the duo getting down with this, for sure.

Grab a physical or digital copy of this album on Bandcamp.

John Cale- "I Wanna Talk 2 You"

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John Cale drops a new track from this forthcoming album on Double Six, Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood. I'm really liking the vintage rock 'n' roll feel on this thing. Really dramatic vocal delivery, and it's just pure gold when the beat and bass make that initial hit after the acoustic intro. Well-produced, performed. Hoping the rest of the album follows suit.