The Needle Drop


Nils Frahm - "Says"


Ambient composer Nils Frahm sneakily dropped one of 2013's prettiest albums, Spacesnear the end of the year. A puzzling mixture of live recordings and reenvisionings of past tracks, it was moving and interesting nonetheless. And now one of its best cuts, the striking "Says", gets the video treatment. The YouTube page for it says it is an improvised experiment with "inks on glass and a video feedback device," which results in the beautiful, abstract black and white visuals.

Watch it above and go lend an ear to Spaces, out now on Erased Tapes.

B L A C K I E All Caps With Spaces- "Of My Grave"

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Texas MC, producer, and noise conjurer B L A C K I E releases a revised version of a track on his last album, True Spirit and Not Giving a Fuck. The original seems to be paired with a completely different set of lyrics, pushing the listener to stand up, speak out.

This new version's lyrics seem to paint a picture of a world where the rebellion of the original track doesn't happen. Job's gone. Control is gone. Future is gone.

Find links to download B L A C K I E's music here.