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Father John Misty - “Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All” / “Just Dumb Enough to Try”

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Father John Misty makes his official return to love songs with his new singles “Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All” and “Just Dumb Enough to Try.” On these songs, Tillman takes a sarcastic but charming tone similar to that of I Love You, Honeybear. The new singles are self-aware and self-deprecating, with Tillman singing about love while at the same time acknowledging his inability to speak on the subject. In addition to the new singles, Father John Misty announced his next album God’s Favorite Customer, which will officially be released on June 1 via Sub Pop.

Shortly after these singles dropped, Father John Misty hit his Facebook followers with another dose of self-aware humor in the form of an image macro reading “When your album leaks a month early” over Tillman’s exasperated expression. Our hearts go out to him; this isn't his first rodeo with this sort of thing. At least he had the foresight to make his album cover the perfect template for the situation.

Father John Misty’s last album was 2017’s Pure Comedy, Anthony's album of the year.

-Owen Murray

Beach House - "Dive"

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Yesterday, Beach House shared “Dive,” the second single from their upcoming album, 7. The song features the dream pop mainstay’s typically spacey and reverb-heavy sound, but doesn’t follow the structure featured in lead single “Lemon Glow.” Instead, “Dive” is a slow build starting with synths and a steady bass drum, escalating to echoing drums and layered shoegaze guitars.

In addition to detailing the new album, Beach House has announced a world tour that kicks off on April 30 in Chattanooga. 7 is slated for a May 11 release via Sub Pop.

-Owen Murray

Father John Misty - "Mr. Tillman"

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Father John Misty is back with a new single that cranks the self-reference and absurdity dials to 11 (implying he had them at only 10 before). Thankfully, it also happens to be catchy as hell and – surely to the relief of some listeners – more upbeat than much of what made up Pure Comedy. Oh, and the brief video component is spectacular. Truly this is a stock photography world; Father John Misty is just living in it. The man should start a meme channel.

"Mr. Tillman" will presumably appear on Father John Misty's fourth album, which is due out at some point this year.