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Young Fathers - "LOW"

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Scottish alt-hip hop trio Young Fathers have left me pretty impressed with their creative lo-fi fusions of rap, African music, reggae, and more on the two "tapes" they've dropped thus far, but I've always thought there was more potential in what the group was offering--especially if the sounds they were working with were more hi-fi. The song "LOW" seems to toy with the idea of that, featuring the best recording I've heard on a Young Fathers song yet. The singing, rapping, and primal beat ring through clearly, and give this tender ballad dynamics it needs to move emotions and groove crowds. Watch, listen, and enjoy! Oh, and the trio is already set to drop a new album in February titled DEAD, so look out for that!

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Young Fathers - "Effigy"

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Scottish experimental hip hop trio Young Fathers brings the second installment of Friends of Friends' Show Me the Future compilation series to a powerful close with the track "Effigy." With its alternately bleeping and rumbling instrumental and its formidable flow, it's hard to blame the label for gushing that it's "a track so good we HAD to preview it."

Show Me the Future Volume 2 is due out August 12th via Friends of Friends. Earlier this year, Young Fathers dropped the EP Tape Two, which you can watch a review of here:

Young Fathers - "Queen Is Dead"


Scottish experimental hip hop outfit Young Fathers drop some visuals for the TAPE TWO track "Queen Is Dead," and the gritty, black and white closeups that comprise this vid match the sounds presented perfectly. The urgent lyrics, blaring synths, and exited shouts of "WOO" all have an in-your-face attitude to them I love.

Also, if you watch this thing on YouTube, you get the option of observing it in 3D.

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Young Fathers - "I Heard"

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The experimental hip hop outfit Young Fathers drops a ballad that features some quiet bars and some soulful vocals via the track "I Heard." The song is set for release on the group's next album, TAPE TWO, which is looking at a June 11th release on Anticon. Enjoy!