The Needle Drop

tech house

Gesaffelstein - Aleph


Aleph has some pretty hard-hitting tech house highlights, but most of the subdued tracks just simply aren't as engaging, and only seem like they exist to balance out the aggressive moments here--a lot of which sound very similar.

Jon Hopkins - "Collider"


Electronic music producer Jon Hopkins drops some visuals for the song "Collider," which is one of the many great tracks from his latest full-length, Immunity, which you can catch a review for below.

The story here seems to follow one girl reliving a nightmarish night at the club that involves some epileptic fits--I'm assuming they're drug-related--and one of the most aggressive make out sessions I've seen in a while. The last third actually becomes slightly uncomfortable to watch as our female protagonist struggles against the grip of some fellow clubgoer who looks like he's trying to help her--uh, I think.