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A group of brief reviews I wished I had the time to touch down on in a full video this past month. Sorry I didn't get to them in a formal review, but I'm just gonna talk about them all in brief here. While I didn't dig a lot of these releases, I hope you. Look into whatever descriptions most interest you. Here's the list of albums addressed in the video:

Black Lips - Underneath The Rainbow(s) Vince Staples - Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 Kid Cudi - Satellite Flight Eagulls - Eagulls The Men - Tomorrow's Hits Cyhi The Prynce - Hystori Mantar - Death By Burning Chimurenga Renaissance - rize vadzimu rize Foster The People - Supermodel The Body - I Shall Die Here Black MIlk - Glitches In the Break Perfect Pussy - Say Yes To Love Animals As Leaders - The Joy of Motion The Hold Steady - Teeth

The Body - "To Carry the Seeds of Death within Me"

VideostheneedledropComment Well, here's a video that'll surely give you nightmares. As if their compositions weren't terror-inducing enough, Portland avant-garde, experimental metal duo The Body have enlisted the demented talents of London musician The Haxan Cloak just to make sure their new album I Shall Die Here is even more fucked up than its predecessor, last year's Christs, Redeemers.

"To Carry the Seeds of Death within Me" is a horrific piece by itself - The Haxan Cloak's rumbling bass has certainly enhanced this quality of The Body's music. But  then there's the Richard Rankin-shot visuals that are attached to it, which depict a man staring into a mirror, preparing to perform some kind of invasive procedure on his head, and going on to cut in. Thanks a lot, The Body, Haxan Cloak, and Richard Rankin; I dedicate my loss of sleep and consequent delirium to you.

I Shall Die Here is due out April 1 via RVNG. It is currently streaming on Pitchfork. By the way, we're masochists and loved The Haxan Cloak's Excavation, which dropped last year:

The Body - "Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain"

New MusicadminComment

While I wouldn't call myself a fan of the experimental metal duo The Body, I have to admit I admire their will to wildly experiment with each new release they put out. With previous releases incorporating choral groups and massive riffs, it would seem electronics are now a logical direction to move in, and the band has brought on music producer Bobby Krlic to make this happen. Assuming the darker side of underground music is your forte, you might already be familiar with Bob's work under the name The Haxan Cloak. In my opinion, he dropped one of the more terrifying dark ambient records of last year, and he's bringing a lot of those industrially tinged aesthetics to this new body song as well, "Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain." Stream it via the widget above, and look out for this new Body album on April 1st via RVNG Intl. The Title: I Shall Die Herer, of course!

The Body - "An Altar or a Grave"


The Body - An Altar or A Grave from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

The experimental, tortured, and chilling metal duo known as The Body drops a new music video for a cut on their forthcoming album on Thrill Jockey Records, Christs, Redeemers. "An Altar of a Grave consists of the band's trademark crushing riffs and blood-curdling shrieks. There are also some pretty eerie female chorus vocals, which have played a notable role on the band's previous efforts as well, but the video attached to this track is a murky underwater ride through what makes the Body such a twisted musical project. Enjoy!

The Body - "To Attempt Openness"

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Rhode Island sludge metal duo The Body have a new LP on the way in October via Thrill Jockey Records titled Christs, Redeemers, and the first track to drop from it is streaming above. Though The Body's music still hangs within the realms of metal music, their sound feels noisier than ever with massive layers of fuzz caked onto the massive guitar riffs that drone throughout the track. However, The Body is no stranger to the more refined sounds in music, which is why there's such a prominent choral group thrown atop the nearly unintelligible guitar phrasing in the first half of this thing. What the Body lacks in clarity is made up for in apocalypse. Enjoy!