The Needle Drop


Lotic - "From the Front" (ft. Dr. Luke, Rabit, Sugur Shane, DJ Karfox, Big Hud, Fat Pimp)

New TracksContributor JonesComment Lotic's self-released mini-album Damsel In Distress was named one of the best of 2014 by FACT Magazine, referring to it as a mixtape of "gothic club nightmares". Quite a description of the Berlin, Germany DJ/Producers' brand of dark yet satisfying, enrapturing club music. And "From The Front" only helps to add to Lotic's mystique: it's a grab bag of disturbingly distorted southern voices and lyrics that are paired with a production job that includes elements of trap, trance, gritty grime and crunchy, squeaky dubstep, all competing with each other for attention but still working seamlessly together. Lotic, along with his collaborators (Dr. Luke, Rabit, Sugur Shane, DJ Karfox, Big Hud and Fat Pimp) have created a song that's sure to be considered an eerie, almost ghostly but exciting and bouncy certified club/strip joint banger.

-Ron Grant

Tjutjuna - "Mousetrap"

New TracksNicholas KindrachukComment

Tjutjuna is entrancing me with this new track off of their upcoming LP Westerner.

"Mousetrap" is the perfect name for this song as it really feels like it's closing in on me the longer it goes on. The way guitars and depth build is a big part of the feeling of being surrounded by sounds. Mogwai is what comes to mind with what I'm hearing especially in a lot of the sounds that Tjutjuna has put together. I don't think there is anything wrong with that comparison because of there is one band that knows atmospheric build up it's Mogwai, and the guys seem to have a lot to work with in that department as well.