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Various Artists - Anything for You: A Tribute to Swans

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Are you one of the admirable few who's managed to abstain from listening to Swans' massive new album To Be Kind? Hang in there - there's only a handful of days left to go! But maybe you've already worn out their other 12 records waiting and need a little something to keep you from cracking? Well, CHVRCHDVST Records is here for you, with this sprawling, 32-song-long tribute album to Swans by various underground acts ranging from drone to folk to post-punk in style. It's like the length of two whole Swans records (or four early Swans records)! This really oughtta keep you occupied til Tuesday...But seriously, you should just give in and listen to the album already. No one's gonna judge.

Also, Swans has begun uploading its back catalog to their YouTube channel. Check that shit out if you've been meaning to get into their music.

6th RSM Trib LP thru Sick of the Radio


For the past several months, Sick of the Radio has been releasing numerous tribute albums in honor of self-recording guru R. Stevie Moore. The project is up to its sixth release, titled Untitled Bible, and has received contributions from numerous musicians, including Ariel Pink and MGMT's James Richardson. Stream the LP here, and download all the tracks you'd like, too. Dig on one of Moore's classic music videos below: