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Uncommon Nasa - "Written at Night" ft. Billy Woods & Quelle Chris

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Staten Island MC Uncommon Nasa is dropping his first entirely self-produced album next month on Man Bites Dog Records. It's called Written at Night, and the tracklist looks almost like a who's who of current underground hip hop, featuring Open Mike Eagle, Billy Woods, Quelle Chris, and many more. Stream the title/closing track, which features two of those names, up there.

Uncommon Nasa - "Left Coaster" ft. Subtitle, Megabusive, BeOnd, Open Mike Eagle & Gajah

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"Left Coaster," taken from Uncommon Nasa's Land of the Way It Is, is an ensemble of some of the most prominent figures in underground hip hop. Subtitle, Megabusive, BeOnd, Open Mike Eagle, and Gajah all lay down some speedy, proficient verses that are well-suited to Nasa's very kinetic production.

Land of the Way It Is is out now via Uncommon Records! Here's a review courtesy of our friend Myke C-Town.