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Wildernessking- "Rubicon" / "Utopia"

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Here's two tracks of hard, melodic black metal from Wildernessking. From what I understand, this group actually hails from South Africa, which kinda puts a damper on the snowy, heavily wooded images that usually come with black metal. Still, that doesn't stop the quartet from channeling the relentless blast beats, romantic melodies, and harsh vocals that make the genre great.

The two tracks streaming above, "Rubicon" and "Utopia," are set to drop on Wildernessking's forthcoming album, the Writing of Gods in the Sand. Look for it on January 23rd.

YACHT - "Utopia / Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)"


A new "double video" for two new YACHT songs from the duo's recently-released LP Shangri-La. The first song, "Utopia," is a poppy number with some quirky guitar layering and slippery electronic bass sounds. The spatial 3D landscapes and sharp visuals of the video complement the clean-cut sound of the first song. Halfway through the video's 7-minute length, the retro-styled world deteriorates into space and "Dystopia" begins. The darker, but still playful sound of the second cut benefits from the eerie galactic visual stylings in the video's second half. Eventually, Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans are running on treadmills through space. It's a bit of a trip. Check out the double video above, and find the new album on DFA records.

YACHT- "Utopia"

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The second track to drop from YACHT's forthcoming album, Shangri-La, which is looking at a June 21st release on DFA Records. We've already dropped “Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)," but this track is much more nimble.

"Utopia" does flips over quick guitar chords and a speedy disco bassline. I love how the doubled vocals lay so cultishly against each other in this song, too. I just picture a group of 30-somethings dance in multi-colored track suits to a crowd of people they're trying to fool into joining in with some sort of pyramid scheme--that's how I see it anyway.