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Mudhoney - "I Like It Small"


Seattle rock outfit Mudhoney drops a hilariously clever video for the song "I Like It Small," which reminds me of a track the band featured on one of their recent albums, "The Open Mind."

A lot like "The Open Mind," "I Like It Small" takes a societal desire--things being big, in this case--and completely contradicts it in a way that's hilarious and satirical.

Mudhoney's next album, Vanishing Point, will be dropping this week on Sub Pop Records.

Dope Body - "Leather Head"

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Baltimore band Dope Body drops a new track and video titled "Leather Head." The track comes from the band's new 7" EP on Drag City. The title: Saturday. The track brings the band's usual combo of psych rock, punk, and sludge; however, the party attitude that I enjoyed so much on their last full-length seems to be swapped out for something a little darker.

Check a review of the band's last full-length right here:

Zeds Dead - "Demons"


Canadian electronic music duo Zeds Dead have a new music video out with help from director and Black Swan Choreographer Benjamin Millepied. The hard-hitting beat and distorted basslines in this great are great as is, but the impressive dance moves coming from the visuals make 'em even better.