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tUnE-yArDs- "You Yes You"

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A live session of tUnE-yArDs performing "You Yes You," which was shot by the good people at

Before the song, frontwoman Merrill Garbus even goes into detail on the origins of the title w h o k i l l, and even talks about the album's confrontational tendencies.

Watch a review of w h o k i l l here. The album is out now on 4AD.

Oh yeah, gotta say this: Holy crap she can rock a uke!

tUnE-yArDs- W H O K I L L

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Tune-Yards' sophomore LP, for some, will be a true exercise in patience. Merrill Garbus' vocals can be a serious strain on the ears, and the amount of instrumentation she's packed into this album borders on migraine-inducing. But all of this album's quirks can easily become strengths on the right set of ears. My favoritism varies from track to track, but this is an unmistakeably bold album. I'm not trying to say this thing forges new ground or reinvents certain sounds or styles. Not the case. In fact, this album pulls a little bit too much from African music and the Dirty Projectors to be a piece of originality.

This album's bold attitude comes from the fact it just doesn't care what you think. W H O K I L L wanders through a jungle of its own creation, and follows its nose to bowl after bowl of Froot Loops drowning in gallons of purple Kool-Aid.

Some tracks feature more eccentricities than music, but that's what makes this thing such a marker. Love it or hate it, you'll at least remember it.