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Ratking- Wiki93


Though New York's up and coming Ratking comes through with a lot of energy, and a pretty grimy sound, the hip hop quartet doesn't show a lot of prowess when it comes to focus and songwriting. I'm not that disheartened, though. From what I can tell, it seems like they're explorative nature will lead them into interesting musical territories.


RATKING- "Comic"

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Experimental hip hop outfit RATKING have a new EP out titled WIKI93, and it's out via XL Recordings. I'm loving the mix of influences coming through on this track. There are elements of glitchy electronica, noise, and grime flowing through the track "Comic." Groups like Death Grips are an obvious comparison, but RATKING's aggression feels more like some punk enthusiasm rather than a dangerous mental illness. All comparisons aside, there's a lot to dig about this track. There's plenty of energy, details in the instrumental, and a gritty aesthetic.