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Wilco- "Dawned On Me"

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I don't know how this slipped by me, but here's a new video from Wilco for the track "Dawned On Me," which comes off the band's latest LP, the Whole Love.

When some artists get big, they look to collaborate. Some collaborate with other musicians, and others collaborate with cartoons. Wilco chose the latter, and decided Popeye was the appropriate fit. Of course Olive Oyl falls in love with Jeff Tweedy, but Popeye doesn't put up much of a fight. Maybe he realizes there's just not competing with the frontman of Wilco.

Wilco- "I Might"

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On Wilco's new single, the band shoots for something fun and light-hearted. While it's not the most impactful thing the band has ever done, it is a sweet little introduction to the forthcoming album the Whole Love. If the entire LP sticks with this mood, we could be in for a nice combo of songs that create a perfect summer album. I'm just hopeful at this point. What do you think of this track? Love it? Hate it? Why? What do you think this forthcoming Wilco LP will have in store? Will you be returning to this song again before the album's release?

Review: Wilco- "I Might"

Stream: Wilco- "I Might" (via Listen Before You Buy)