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wild desire

King Tuff- "Wild Desire"

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Summery, fun, catchy, and lo-fi is a sound a lot of new acts shoot for, but few of them actually achieve it on the level of Vermont singer-songwriter Kyle Thomas. Whether you're listening to some of his solo stuff under the name "King Tuff," or some tracks from his band Happy Birthday, you'll probably hear a hook that'll be worth humming for weeks.

Thomas has a new single dropping under the King Tuff name on Suicide Squeeze this April, and you can stream it above. The title: "Wild Desire." I'd say the title is pretty appropriate, because this track certainly brings some wild desires out of me. It kinda makes me wanna pig out on snacks at a local 7-Eleven, steal a car, and go on a road trip to Las Vegas, which is where I'll blow my entire life savings on stuff that I'd probably find to be illegal if I checked a law book or two.

Thomas' vocal delivery feels so young, brash, and snotty. He's on the prowl for a good time, and his music brings the necessary mood. The verses have a really driving quality to them, and the chorus showcases the perfect amount of release. It's a stellar piece of garage pop.